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Hohlen, John
Aug 11 6:48 AM CDT
Post #475
Hi Gavin. He's been added. Next time, if you prefer, just email and you won't have to show part of your hand for the upcoming tournament.
Savage, Gavin
Aug 11 5:34 AM CDT
Post #474
Hi John, can you add McCumber to player list. Thanks
Hohlen, John
Jun 27 7:12 PM CDT
Post #473
Hey Alan - They have changed the format of this tournament to make the season finale more interesting. Specifically 1) Overall leader points leader starting at -10, the next four players will start at 8-under, etc. 2) No separate prize money for this tournament like year's past. So tournament winner gets $15M on down. This is the real problem. It totally skews the overall results to the point where the other tournaments don't matter.
Hudson, Alan
Jun 25 5:41 PM CDT
Post #472
Hi John, I was just looking at the schedule and I see it ends before the tour championship. Just wanted to make sure that was correct. Thanks.
Hohlen, John
Aug 17 5:37 PM CDT
Post #471
Yes Gavin. Making that change now. Sorry, I forgot to run the NO SHOW processing last night. Call it a PGA Championship hangover!
Savage, Gavin
Aug 17 5:15 PM CDT
Post #470
I put Fretteli on my team but he didn’t enter the Wyndham. Do I get my replacement . Gavin Savage
Hohlen, John
Apr 23 2:36 PM CDT
Post #469
Yes, that's correct Aric. As far as strategy, up to you. Do you want to diversify or put majority of eggs in one basket?
Kutz, Aric
Apr 23 2:29 PM CDT
Post #468
John this Zurich classic is something new. So if Rose and Stenson are a team and they finish 1st, then they will split 1st and 2nd place prize money. Is that correct? I guess the strategy is to try to pick both members of who you think the winning team will be and then one other golfer?
Kutz, Aric
Apr 08 5:33 PM CDT
Post #467
Thanks I haven't watched or played golf this year. Work is crazy right now. Thanks for the email reminder
Hohlen, John
Apr 06 7:30 PM CDT
Post #466
Thought the L4 defending champ was going to pull a DJ and miss out, but he signed up at the last minute this morning. Welcome back, Aric!
Timmer, Micah
Sep 26 10:32 AM CDT
Post #465
Aric, congrats on another well played league. Nice call using Moore in the final event,
Kutz, Aric
Sep 25 6:06 PM CDT
Post #464
McLroy just cost me better ball!!!! ????????
Kutz, Aric
Sep 24 4:27 PM CDT
Post #463
Boy do I need Chappell to seal the deal!!!
Kutz, Aric
Sep 10 11:25 AM CDT
Post #462
Micah where's your sub??
Kutz, Aric
Aug 28 4:33 PM CDT
Post #461
Knew I should have saved that mulligan and not used it on that junk azz Fowler!!!!