Week 1 Alternate Picks - The Masters
Country Club Filter
    T-1 Blackshirts
    T-1 Dawgs1
    T-1 Dawgs2
    T-1 Dawgs3
    T-1 Dawgs4
    T-1 Drunk By The Turn...
    T-1 Moony's Eagles
    T-1 Passed Out By Back Nine...
    T-1 Sitztheman1982
    T-1 Sitztheman1982 - 2
    T-1 Taxes Rangers 1
    T-1 Taxes Rangers 2
    T-1 Taxes Rangers 3
NOTE: An asterisk (*) after alternate pick's name indicates both the alternate pick and starter
were NO SHOWs, so alternate pick was not applied and starting golfer was replaced with NO SHOW.